Wednesday, December 5, 2012

From Poor Man to Entrepreneur?

No, I haven't given up music. And no, this isn't a How-To manual. I don't have the faintest idea how to do this myself.

For some time, I've been reading up both online and offline about entrepreneurship. It isn't that I'm particularly business-minded. (I'm not.) I would just rather my future well-being not be wholly reliant on the whims of a rich man whose job it is to appease stockholders that could give two shits whether I am employed, much less have a retirement or basic health coverage for my wife and kids. (No personal offense meant to anyone I am approaching with this question.)

Conventional wisdom says dream up a kickass idea/business plan, research and test it for viability, secure seed money (via loans, investors, etc.), launch, execute, and tweak while growing. Oh... and develop an appetite for dirt because you are going to be eating plenty of it while you limp along.

Let's take a step away from that.

What advice can you give to a poor man? Like the one with the minimum wage job or perhaps the one whose unemployment ran out. Or the man who lost everything after a debilitating illness. Or the one who doesn't know where he is going to sleep tonight. I am talking about the poor with no access to capital or credit with the most limited of resources.

How can this person take that $50 and invest it in a way that it yields $10 or $20 or even more in profit?

Is there a way for the poorest of the poor to learn to become entrepreneurs? How would YOU go about it?

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