Monday, July 2, 2012

Demons in My Head #4: Music Rant

Music Rant

As I mentioned in the previous entry, I am extremely driven by my relationship with my family and the sacrifices they have made on my behalf. Music has been the other major focus in my life. As of this year, it has been a thirty year investment of time, money, and resources.

It hasn't been a cakewalk, either. Frankly, most of my "formative" years of study were done under conditions that your stereotypical "conservatory brat" never experienced. While I had my share of cheerleaders, more than a few people were far from supportive. I'm not talking simply about cool indifference. I am talking about people actively going out of their way to "talk sense into me."  Geeze... It all comes down to this:

1.) Music is not a viable career path. You'll starve. It's really hard to make a living. Very few people actually make it. You need a "B" plan, because your "A" plan is going to fail!

2.) You aren't good/talented/musical enough. You need to learn/practice more. Your technique sucks. You don't know anything.

3.) You should quit trying to be a pianist and focus on voice/technology/Black studies/Black music/something "Black."

4.) It's too late/If you were any good, you would have already succeeded. You should have done that years ago. You failed. Your musical life is over at 18/22/25/30/etc.

Dear God... Are there that many people so fucking devoid of life that they have to go suck it out of someone else? (BTW... God answered and he said YES.)

If I hear one more fucking thing from someone who is not a musician, has never formally studied music, doesn't play a musical instrument, but knows a musician and is therefore a legitimate authority on all things musical... it will be Thursday.

Honestly, people, it is as simple as this: As of now, I have spent 84% of my life studying, practicing, and pulling stuff together. Shut the fuck up. If I were going to quit, I'd have done so when I turned 7... about the same age that you did. And if you happen to be a professional musician who has said something along those lines, I'm sure you can easily find somewhere on your person to store what I think of your opinion.There's a way to make just about anything happen; the trick is finding it. Instead of trying to force an unsolicited and unwanted "reality check" down my throat, focus your energy on your own goals.

Thank God, I've got my own ideas.



  1. It's never too late. To give up and walk away now would be the failure. Much love and respect for all the hard work you have put into your dream.

  2. Thank you, Lisa!

    One thing I have always admired in people is the drive and ambition to go out and make their dreams happen. It's something that I'm wanting and actively working to bring into my own life. Is it easy? Not at all... and I'll be the first to say that it DOES have its costs. At the same time, I consider the reward for success to be worth everything that leads up to it.

    How much better could the world be if everyone took the freedom to follow their dreams?

    All the best!