Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Demons in My Head #2: Demons in My Head?!

Demons in My Head?

So... what's the deal with the title?

As part of my refocus, I am organizing the blog posts into certain groups. (Hey... it's organized in my mind, anyway, which is the one that counts!) I see this particular series here as most closely representing what thoughts - good, bad, or otherwise - are running  through my mind. If you want to get a sense of me as a person, this is where you begin.

Demons... really?

No, I'm not possessed by some evil ungodly entity whose sole purpose is to torment me and dissuade me from the path of holy righteousness. Well... at least I don't think I am... I will acknowledge, however, a certain degree of eccentricity for which it could be mistaken along those lines. Okay... I'm delusional. Why? "Reality" sucks and I'd much rather deal with an ideal dream-like world. That is beside the point, I suppose.

I knew it... you ARE crazy.

Uh... YEAH. Haven't you been paying attention to anything I said thus far? 

"Demons in My Head" is the name of the twelfth track of my debut album Reflections in Black and White. That tune started off with a two-measure earworm that just refused to be written. Sure, I knew what it was and the harmony beneath it, but I just couldn't figure out where it was going after that. It gave me fits when I was writing it and then gave me even more fits when I changed my mind in the studio. Hell... it still gives me fits!

Figuring out where this blog was going actually induced so similar an effect that I had actually toyed with renaming it along those lines. I ultimately decided against it for the same reason I decided against it for my album. "Demons in My Head" may be apart of the process, but it does not describe the overall concept of what this blog is supposed to be. 

Random Musical Digression is going to criss-cross music over all sorts of different areas. Stay along for the ride and you might figure out where I'm going. "Demons in My Head", however, will focus primarily on that neurotic battlefield raging inside of my skull.

Ready to step in?


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